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Chain Pulley Block


1. Capacity range from 1 Ton. to 25 Ton.
2. Automatic double pawl braking system
3. Sealed bearings
4. Light weight robust construction
5. Low effort to lift maximum load
6. Double cover protection
7. Extra thick friction discs
8. Alloy Steel Grade 80-Load Chain
9. Zinc plated hand chain as standard
10.Built in overload protection device
11. Each Chail Block is proof tested to 50% overload
12. Fully forged hooks are fitted with safety latches as standard

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Goods Lifts

"LIFT UP' Cage Lift / Goods Lift is a product backed by 38 years of manufacturing experience. It is manufactured under stringent inspections & quality controls, using the best quality raw materials & bought outs. It is perfectly engineered to meet the client's requirements keeping in mind that it is used by such labour with little knowledge of the lift. The operation is kept very simple & markings are elaborately highlighted on the switches for the ease of the operator. The lift machine is also made keeping factor of safety in mind.

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Jib Cranes

Mast Fabricated from Pipe/ Rolled Steel Sections. * M. S. Gusset plates/thick base plate giving added rigidity to column

Base plate readily drilled to take six/eight holding down bolts.

Jib arm fabricated from heavy section I beam for LUJC-I and triangular truss constructions for LUJC-2 & LUJC-3 type of jib cranes reduces deflection to acceptable limits.

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Electrical Winches / Hand Operated Winches

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