EOT Cranes Maintenance

If you are using an overhead crane for material handling, its important to implement a preventative maintenance program based on the crane manufacturer’s recommendations. This maintenance program should be centered on a thorough and effective safety inspection plan, which is conducted regularly. If a crane inspector detects deteriorated components or unsafe conditions during a required inspection, they must be repaired before any worker can resume use of the system.

EOT Crane Moderisation & Overhauling Service

HERC Material Handling LLP is one of the oldest manufacturers of electric wire rope hoists in India. We manufacture and modernise our hoists under our brand name ‘HERCULES’. Being one of the oldest our hoists have been through a lot of upgrading making it a more user-friendly, economical and also durable hoist. Hercules wire rope hoists are designed in a manner that helps the client to face the least down time possible.